Eye Pillows

Eye pillows can help you relax or ease tension headaches.  Place over eyes and brows and feel the gentle weight calm and soothe you.  Use for relaxation, after your work day, while travelling, during mediation or yoga savasana.

Our 100% cotton inner pouch is filled with flaxseed  for a fragrance-free eye pillow or can be  lightly scented with dried lavender.  The separate removable outer pouch is made with our 100% bamboo sateen and  is hand-dyed.  The bamboo is softer than cotton, breathable and cooling to the touch, allowing the eye pillow to gently form to your face. 

Can be used at room temperature or cooled.  To cool, place inner flaxseed filled pouch in freezer before re-inserting into outer pouch.

Our eye pillows are individually hand-dyed with indigo and each is one-of-a-kind.  

Made with care and love by Serica Home in Toronto, Canada.