About Us

Welcome to Serica Home!

The seed for Serica Home was planted 10 years ago when I recovering from breast cancer treatment and had learned how essential good rest was for recovery.  The lesson was reinforced 4 years ago when a family member had a serious illness and required extended rest.  This meant resting either on the couch or in bed for long periods.  Regular throws weren’t cutting it for using on couches; either being too small or not warm enough.  Our family is a long-time user of silk duvets and I knew how silk-filled duvets can keep you warm without the weight of other types of duvets or overheating.  But past experience with my kids dragging the duvets around the house I knew bed sized duvets were too bulky for couches. 

So, I decided to bring the benefits of silk duvets to couch-sized throws.  After making a few small silk-filled duvets for family and friends, I received requests for more duvets because everyone loved them for the lightweight warmth and how rested they felt when using them.  That's when I decided to offer these benefits to others who wanted to rest better.

At the core of Serica Home is a dedication to rest and wellness.  This means enhancing better rest and sleep that restores and rejuvenates. 

We choose natural textiles such as silk, bamboo and cotton that are suited for skin sensitivities, allergies, or effects of cancer treatments and create products that combine beauty, comfort, practicality, quality and value.   We’re proud of the high quality of our products and want you to enjoy and use them as much as we and our families do. 

We draw inspiration from the stories our clients share with us and always develop products with our clients’ rest in mind, so expect to see more changes and products in the future.

We’re located in Toronto, Ontario and would love to hear from you.   .  

Tammy and Madeleine