Sleep Mask - Shh

  • $32.00 CAD

Shhh...sleep well with our silky soft sleep masks.  Made with bamboo that is hypoallergenic, the breathable sleep mask is smooth and cool against the face and eyes.  Filled with 100% cotton batting for light padding and gentle cushioning across the eyes.

Top side hand-dyed in indigo or violet and underside is dyed black.  The adjustable elastic band allows for a custom fit.

Due to the nature of hand dyeing, each sleep mask is unique and patterns and colours will vary slightly from the image.

Because we don’t believe all heads are the same, ask us about custom sizing and we’ll create a mask suited for you. 

Made in Toronto, Canada

Colours:  Indigo, Violet

Dimensions:  Medium:  11 inch x 4.5 inch; Small:  9.5 inch x 4 inch

Washing Instructions:  Hand wash or delicate cycle of washing machine, cool water.  No bleach or harsh chemicals.  Hang to dry.

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